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Galanthus Elwesii

Elwes’ snowdrop (Galanthus Elwesii), first found in the mountains near Izmir in 1874, is distributed in northwestern, western and southwestern Anatolia. The excessive picking and sale has endangered the generation of snowdrops.

Inclusion, Diversty And Wellbeing Of Our Family

We are happy lawyers and a large family in Çukur & Yılmaz working in an inclusive, supportive and healthy environment in wellbeing. This is unequalled ground of our reputation and the power ensuring our high quality and accessible services to our clientele.

We are a people business and encouraging individuality is very much part of our culture. 

We can describe life in Çukur & Yılmaz family as;

  • Inclusive and supportive,
  • Respectful to and enriching through diversity,
  • Ensuring equal opportunities,
  • Conscious about life/work balance,
  • Family friendly,
  • Valuing and appreciating women,
  • Taking care of wellness and health

Diversity and inclusion of all is how we actualize our values at Çukur & Yılmaz. We recognise that valuing each other’s individuality and difference brings strength to the teams we work in, our teams and the firm as a whole. Our values of teamwork and respect as well as fairness, trust, transparency, equality of opportunity, acceptance of differences and understanding in an atmosphere free from discrimination and prejudice underpin our equality and diversity policy and our open and friendly culture breeds inclusivity.

We believe that promoting diversity means creating a supportive and inclusive work environment where everyone has the opportunity to succeed without obstacles based on their gender, identity, race, national or ethnic origin, social or economic background, disability, religious and political beliefs or other ideologies, sexual orientation, age or any other basis.

We recognise that people from varying backgrounds can bring a full range of worthwhile ideas and innovations to our working practices and business. We encourage everyone to participate in firm wide discussions and share ideas as we believe in harnessing the diverse perspectives of everyone in the firm. It makes us better placed to meet our client needs, understand each other, work together, and strengthen the culture of the firm. We create an environment at Çukur & Yılmaz where people feel valued, engaged and eager to contribute to the success of our business.

We diversely support Çukur & Yılmaz family members to recognise individual contribution and performance develop each individual’s capability and give everyone a favourable opportunity to use their talent and fulfil their potential. At Çukur & Yılmaz, people are supported throughout their careers with mentoring, coaching, career planning and guidance, personal and professional development programmes and a wide variety of skills training, all focused on an individual’s unique development needs.

We are conscious about work and life balance. On the contrary to many other firms in law practice, we intimately encourage our team to allocate adequately time to their private lives. We do not have overworking in our offices; we respect resting times, weekends and leisure times of our team earnestly. We implement flexible and alternative working models, where needed.

We pride ourselves in being a family friendly firm, where we appreciate that people have commitments outside of work. To support this, we encourage an agile working environment and our flexibilities which help people balance the demands of work and family. We mind thoroughly fulfillment’s value of the roles of motherhood and fatherhood.

Woman lawyers are majority in our team and an outstanding richness of Çukur & Yılmaz. We are one of the first signatories of UN’s Women Empowerment Principles (WEP’s) which underlines our dedication to the role of women in business.

We trust the positive impact of women in life and our law firm; they have a strong voice in all we do. Women in Çukur & Yılmaz are dynamic, determined, and successful. Every day, they deliver outstanding results for our clients—garnering recognition from the legal and business communities. More importantly, while accomplishing all this, they do not need to sacrifice their feminine sprit.

Our goal is to be a genuine platform for the success and development of our women lawyers and business services professionals. They could be at a senior management position, leaderships in practices and teams or in accomplishments as superb practitioners and professionals.

We take care of wellness and health of Çukur & Yılmaz family members closely

We understand happy, balanced, healthy people enjoy their work and also live and perform better. We are therefore committed to the wellbeing of our family which is supported by a dedicated wellbeing policy which covers intellectual, physical, emotional, social and occupational aspects. 

Our wellbeing policy is designed to provide all of our people with a clear idea of what wellbeing means to us at Çukur & Yılmaz and the ways in which we can support them, both at work and in their personal lives to manage their own wellbeing in the various areas.

Because there is no one-size-fits-all approach to well-being, Çukur & Yılmaz aims to enable our team members to find what uniquely works best for them as individuals. Our well-being approach encompasses a range of strategies and resources to support personal development, counselling, fitness and nutrition, yoga and meditation, conflict resolution and other factors critical to overall health and wellness.