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Parnassius Apollo

The Apollo butterfly (Parnassius apollo) inhabits near the summit at the foot of Tota Mountain (Isparta). It is in danger of extinction due to the destruction of habitats.

Transactional Advisory Services

In addition to our regular and continuous legal consulting services, Çukur & Yılmaz renders high profile transactional legal advisory services such as:

  • Commercial Agreements and Contracts
  • Corporate Governance Transactions and Corporate Secretarial 
  • Mergers and acquisition, 
  • Private equity, venture capital and Mezzanine transactions,
  • Partnership and joint ventures,
  • Angel and early stage investments and fund-rising, 
  • Banking and financing transactions, 
  • IPO, Listing and capital market transactions,
  • Project Finance transactions and development contracts for energy, infrastructure, real estate, construction, mining projects,
  • Public procurement procedures, tenders and governmental and concession agreements, 
  • Corporate and financial re-structuring projects, with its 25 years of experience and reputation recommended and awarded by independent international Institutions.

Çukur & Yılmaz is a team that has led and successfully completed numerous projects in these fields in the last 25 years.

The factors that make a contribution in the negotiation process and accomplishment of these transactions and projects are to have in-depth legal expertise and experience as well as mastery on the legal structures and sectoral dynamics arising from the nature of these transactions.

More importantly, these transactions indicate a sufficient, expert and senior team that is appropriate to the scope of the matter, allocating substantial time and priority to the transaction in a very close cooperation with the represented party and effective and constructive communication with all parties to the process and project.

We are aware of all these requirements at Çukur & Yılmaz, by creating an adequate team of lawyers at various seniorities and practices in a way that a senior partner handles leadership in each of these transactions and projects and another partner lawyer takes place in the team to carry out the project coordination for an utmost consideration. We guarantee that these two partners personally and actively participate in meetings, negotiations and all studies at every stage of the project.

When required, we also include outstanding experts in our network from different disciplines such as tax and finance in our transaction teams.

As a manifestation of our confidence in the quality of our services at transactions, we offer our fees and charging models in line with the principle of project progress and completion.