What We Do

Abies Nordmanniana
Subsp. Equi-trojani

Abies nordmanniana subsp. equi-trojani, from a family pinaceae only endemic sub-species of fir that grows in Mount Ida in Turkey.

Legal Consulting Services

We are aware of compliance and legal advisory support’s significance in business adventure. Through our legal consulting services, a dynamic and continuous relationship and communication are established between the companies and our law firm and the companies are provided with the punctuality, proximity and expertise at legal services. Our priority here is to ensure that the companies served duly focus on their growth and development journeys within a legal security.

Continuous legal consulting service allows us to engage in deeper collaboration with the client, while becoming thoroughly familiar with your company’s business and goals. In these services, we take a proactive approach in supporting your company to achieve its aims and to minimize its risks.

Our regular and continuous legal consulting services for the corporates widely include:

  • Establishment of reliable and operational legal structures, 
  • Legal consulting support on every phase of decision-making and operational processes,
  • Analysing and drafting of all legal documentation, 
  • Internal legal auditing, legal risk management and compliance,
  • Implementation of international corporate policies and adaptation corporate documents and agreements into Turkish entity
  • Legal consulting on sectoral  regulations and specifically regulated sectors,
  • Competition law , anti-trust, anti-fraud, anti-corruption, data protection and GDPR consulting
  • Pre-determination and elimination of possible and current legal disputes,
  • Regulatory, legal updates and training services. 

In addition to our regular and continuous legal consulting services to companies, we are capable of rendering wide-range of legal consulting services for any matter within the framework of our practice areas.

Within this framework, ultimate aim of our services is to maintain a coordinated and dynamic cooperation  with the Company’s in-house and international legal team, or in case the Company does not have such team, to render services as fast, intimate and adeptly as the Company’s own internal legal team.