Panthera Pardus

Caucasian leopard (Panthera pardus), under threat of extinction, rarely continues to inhabit in the Caucasus region covering the northeast of Turkey.

Our Story

Çukur & Yılmaz is a leading national business law firm of Turkey.

We are aware of legal expectations of corporates and business community in need of sustainable growth, development and stability, when they do business in a complicated and emerging jurisdiction.

When you require a trusted-advisor and a full-service business law firm in Turkey, creating value, assuring clarity and good communication and ensuring successful outcomes through positive and accountable solutions, Çukur & Yılmaz Law Firm is always one of good choices.

Çukur & Yılmaz is a innovative, results-oriented, responsible and internationally recognized Turkish Law firm.

Beyond founding a pioneering and esteemed law firm, the founders of Çukur & Yılmaz, always regard themselves as individuals serving the society, planet and the legal sector, through creating value and sustaining their business responsibly in this soul. These values has departed from the spirit of the founders and internalized by the character of the institution they developed. Today, still they guide us in everything we do. That’s why we are trusted teammates of our clientele.

Çukur & Yılmaz is an independent business law firm offering a full range of award-winning legal services across a broad spectrum of local and international legal matters, rendering sophisticated and practical legal consulting, transactional advisory and dispute resolution services, particularly on corporate, commercial, compliance, employment, projects and technology areas. 

We are a law firm for all around Turkey. Although Istanbul city represents a considerable amount of business and centre for some sectors, Turkey is a large country consisting of several business and industrial regions and cities hosting various leading industries of Turkish economy. In the direction of this authenticity, we get beyond of being recognized as a Istanbul-city firm. In addition to our presence in Istanbul, our offices and practices are spread to all main business and industrial cities and regions of Turkey. İzmir and İstanbul are two main business hubs of our law firm, while serving Turkey nationwide. This unique positioning allow us to reach regional business communities located outside of Istanbul and to render high quality legal services to international corporates and companies wherever they do business in Turkey.

Through our nationwide practices, business lawyers of Çukur & Yılmaz is capable of rendering our full-service business law practices in all geographic regions of Turkey. This unequalled coverage brings us wide-spread, pioneering and integrated legal practices in order to meet the international and local clients’ legal expectations in an emerging country. 

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