Grus Grus

Common Crane (Grus grus) is found Central Anatolia, Mediterranean and Southeastern Anatolia regions in Turkey. Destruction of habitats, improper agricultural practices and poaching are the main threats for its species.

Emerging Asian Countries Practice Group

In Çukur & Yılmaz law firm, every day, we have been experiencing new dimensions of rising interaction between Turkey and Asia Pacific Countries in business. Turkey provides a perfect gateway for entry to EMEA region and markets for Asian Companies. We are proud of being one of the “go-to law firms” for many distinguished corporates and companies from Japan, S. Korea, India, China and other emerging Asian Countries for years. Enhancing relations between Turkey and Asia-Pasific Business Hubs, such as Singapore, Hong Kong as well as Indonesia and Malaysia generate new occasions for us to render services to outstanding corporates of these jurisdictions. Çukur & Yılmaz lawyers are aware of and familiar with diversity and meritorious cultural assets of business environments of these countries as well as their legal expectations and requirements in an emerging country located in another part of the world. Therefore, Çukur & Yılmaz law firm structured Emerging Asian Countries Practice Group in order to be their trusted legal advisor and facilitator in Turkey at their success journeys, while accomplishing their business plans and strategies. Çukur & Yılmaz law offices’ nationwide services and wide range of practice and sectorial expertise have been very helpful and practical in the integration of Asian Clients to Turkey.