Cedrus Libani

The largest natural forests of lebanon cedar (Cedrus libani) in the world is in Turkey, in the Toros Mountains. Intense cuts for timber, fire and climate change threaten the generations of lebanon cedar.

Çukur & Yılmaz Alliance

Çukur & Yılmaz Alliance, established in 2010 and re-organized in 2019, is a network of independent renowned and internationally recognized Turkish law offices in order to render legal services nationwide. 

In this Alliance framework, law offices of main business regions of Turkey practising at similar areas and sectors has unified their expertise, experiences, teams and capabilities. 

Çukur & Yılmaz Alliance provides its international and Turkish clientele to reach high quality business law services under one roof and through one contact in all over Turkey.

According to professional, bar and tax regulations, all Alliance firms have their own independent entity and identity, where they have been rendering closely integrated legal services on one-stop-shop basis all around Turkey.